AP41.0 Kirchherr Bathtub

Size: 297×420 mm / 11.7 x 16.5″
Signed and numbered by Klaus Voormann


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The boys were so grateful to have finally found some friends in Astrid and me that they could identify with.  When Astrid invited them to her folk’s home the Kirchherr apartment offered them a welcome chance–not only for a hearty meal, but also for a much needed bath.

Back at the Bambi Kino their squalid digs didn’t provide any kind of washroom or shower facilities, so the prospect of being able to get a clean-up had great appeal!

Who could resist the prospect of Astrid giving them a good scrub down?

We of course were over the moon having linked up with such great guys with their rare musical talent…  There’s shampoo on the side…  Bath salt bubbling away in the bath…  After a good hairwash they’ll emerge from the bathroom smelling all clean and fresh!  Thank you Michael.

– Klaus Voormann