ICONIC – The Graphic Novel of The Beatles Revolver Cover Artwork


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Handsigned by Klaus Voormann

29 cm x 29 cm
adhesive (unsewn) binding

Inner pages 48/ Contend of the book:

  • – Text contributions from Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr
    – Introduction
  • – Graphic Novel
  • – The Broken Grammy
  • – The Process of Creating the Graphic Novel
  • – Biography
  • – Imprint

Cover- & book layout: Maximilian Voormann

Printed on FSC certified paper:
Soporset Premium Offset Paper (FSC Mix): Hardcover300 g/m3 /Inhalt 150 g/m3


Includes 7% MwSt.

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Klaus Voormanns’ graphic novel about the cover artwork of the Beatles’ legendary album REVOLVER first appeared as key chapter in his book „birth of an icon REVOLVER 50.“, released  2016. 
In response to many requests, for the first time, the graphic novel will be released as a  limited hardcover book (English language) under the title ICONIC. 
In addition to the complete graphic novel, the book contains two more text stories, illustrations and photos.

Quote from Paul McCartney:

“His skills as an artist were first explored by our band for the cover of the Revolver album. His  work was spot on and fitted precisely with what we were doing at the time“.

Paul McCartney, October 2022

Quote from Ringo Starr:

„… I would like to thank my friend for the cover of Revolver. Incredible! And now he‘s doing a book that will show us the many moves he made to end up with that great cover…

… I can only say I love you man. It‘s always great when we get together in LA…

Take care my friend. I send you Peace and Love,

Ringo, yeah Ringo.“

Ringo Starr, October 2022

Excerpts of the graphic novel (7 pages) are also included in the hardcover book of the new „The Beatles Revolver Super Deluxe Boxset“.